To Waltz on a Pin | Zarah Moeggenberg

unnamed Zarah is a poet living in eastern Washington. Originally from the lower peninsula of Michigan, she completed her MFA in poetry, focusing on spoken word poetry, at Northern Michigan University in the Upper Peninsula. Zarah tries to fly home as often as possible. T, her stubborn and talkative Pomeranian, accompanies her everywhere. Together, they enjoy tromps in snow, snobby local coffee brewing each morning, and, of course, in adding paw print and coffee ring to student essay drafts spread all over their living room floor. Zarah’s work celebrates queer voices, especially the anxious and exciting rhythm of what it means to be a woman who loves another woman, without holding back. She believes in loving hard, looking people in the eye and telling them they’re beautiful, that behind rough hands is always a story, that African violets belong on kitchen tables, and that behind every person’s chest is a warm, well-lit match.

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